Kansas Conservatives Fear Higher Taxes As Government Worker Wages Spike

Tough juxtaposition here . . . We know our golden ghetto residents want better services and competent employees . . . Paying for it is the part that NOBODY likes.

Here's a peek at the problem by way of some excellent reporting . . .

A salary study contracted with Salary.com (formerly CompData), which conducted prior surveys, suggested a more than 6% average salary increase across the board — which would mean a cost for Johnson County taxpayers to the tune of some $18.3 million.

According to the presentation, the total number with various “offsets” the budget impact would be around $12.6 million — still a significant cost to taxpayers.

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Big pay increases for JoCo employees mean tax hikes for residents - The Sentinel

While the "pronoun pins" the Johnson County government recently purchased are a fairly minor cost to the taxpayers, the big raises Johnson County wants to pay will be in the millions.