Kansas Conservatives Decry Trans Locker Room Policy & Present Used Condom

Today was a rough day for real news . . . Our right-wing friends responded by using a bit of shock value for their ongoing culture war crusade.

Check-it . . .

On February 8, 2023, the Sentinel asked the entire DRC board of directors, “How does your policy protect women’s rights, whether they be Constitutional, Title IX or simply common decency, particularly in light of the fact a used condom (see attached photo) was found in the women’s shower?”

The photo is not part of this story, but it was shared with each board member.

A week later, they have not answered.

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Derby Recreation Commission allows biological males in women's locker room, even after used condom is found - The Sentinel

The Derby Recreation Commission has refused to respond to questions about its transgender locker room policy, even after a used condom was found inside the women's shower.