Kansas City 'Virtual Insanity' Homework Debated & Debunked

Apropos for #TBT . . . We share an obvious but still beloved 90s song from Jamiroquai with lyrics that seem applicable to this tragic situation.

Even better, our conservative friends explain the controversy and offer a peek of even more useless lessons taught in local public schools . . .

"In the assignment, each student receives a worksheet representing a “baby” with a list of genetic traits such as gender, eye and hair color, intelligence and weight, as well as a genetic disorder. Under the baby’s given genetic traits are one or more alternatives that can be selected, but at a cost. Students are allowed varying but limited amounts of “money” to make alterations."

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Kansas City-area school district quietly removes alarming 'designer baby' assignment with eugenic overtones after mom's concerns

(The Lion) - Students in a Missouri middle school were given a genetics assignment suggesting traits such as "skinny," blond hair and gray or blue eyes are the most valuable.