Kansas City Syndicate Helps Cancel Dilbert

Please don't make me think about Dilbert. 

For the love of God . . . I'm begging you. 

In the late 90s when TKC actually wore a tie to work for a hot second . . . This local blogger in the making threatened fist fights when somebody tried to opine regarding the topic of the latest Dilbert comic. 

Here's our only insight . . . 

Dilbert is a remnant of the newspaper days when there was limited space to distribute comics and the author manage to convince a few people that his work would appeal to mainstream America. He was right and the world was worse for it. 

Obviously, the emergence of the infinite void of the Internets has changed things . . . There are anonymous meme-ster bots with better content and a bigger following than Dilbert because Dilbert, in fact, sucks. 

So . . . 

This debate isn't so much about political correctness or the freedom to pen sh*tty comics and offer repellent opinions as it is about the changing world of comedy, content and technology . . .

But I understand, it's way more fun to rage against the persecution of white dudes. Even better, I'm right there with you . . . 


That's the best I can do . . . The corporate welfare EV meme king of Twitter did a lot better . . .

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter, accused “the media” and “elite colleges and high schools” of being “racist” against white and Asian people . . . Musk posted his comments on Twitter, where he has nearly 130 million followers, in response to news that media organizations around the country decided to cut the comic strip “Dilbert” from syndication after its creator, Scott Adams, delivered a racist tirade in a video on his YouTube channel last week.

Almost forgot the local connection . . .

Sunday evening, the senior executives of one of Kansas City’s most prominent publishers released a statement about L’Affaire Dilbert: 

“Andrews McMeel Universal is severing our relationship with ‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams,” wrote Chairman Hugh Andrews and President/CEO Andy Sareyan. “As a media and communications company, AMU values free speech. … But we will never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate. Recent comments by Scott Adams regarding race and race relations do not align with our core values as a company.”

For the record . . .

At least The Far Side was marginally clever every few months back when people still read newspapers. 

Since this is a blog . . . We'll share this brief aside: One of the most exceptional women I've ever met had a Calvin & Hobbes tattoo placed near her pelvis which was cute but she never really read the comic. I think she's the leader of a polycule nowadays and getting her Ph. D. in quantum mechanics or something similar that TKC doesn't really understand . . . And all of that is way more interesting than anything related to Dilbert.

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You decide . . .