Kansas City Star Seyz Trans Crackdowns Incite Fear Over 'Nonexistent' Threats

Again . . .

Behind the scenes we've reported that drag show crackdown legislation is dead-in-the-water in Missouri over censorship concerns and because regulating costumes & content for performances (beyond rules already in place) is big government overreach at its worst with little merit or precedent in 1st Amendment constitutional law. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Concerns about radical, new surgical practices in conjunction with experimental therapy are far more legit and reasonable adults with the best interests of youngsters in mind can/might agree that some level of government oversight or at least investigation isn't such a horrible thing.

Sadly . . . The newspaper confuses the issues in order to provide more confused partisan talking points:

"Anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in almost every state’s legislature have striking similarities. Most won’t pass, though in state’s like Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma they have a better chance given the partisan composition of those legislatures. They are part of a national push to gin up fear over nonexistent threats and to marginalize a vulnerable community. Surely lawmakers have more important work to do."

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There's a reason Kansas and Missouri lawmakers are attacking trans kids right now | Opinion

It's anti-transgender week in the Kansas Legislature. Lawmakers are holding hearings on three bills aimed at ostracizing the state's transgender residents. First up was HB2238, which received a public hearing in the House Committee on Education on Monday. It would require students at public high schools and universities to play sports associated with their "biological sex," at least if that's male.