Kansas City Star Opinion Recycles Fear Of Guv Brownback Against Flat Tax

A difficult op/ed for us because, in theory, we agree that the flat tax is a lame tool that would put undue burden on the middle-class and working poor. 

However . . . 

Per ushe The Star turns away allies with hyperbole and scare tactics . . . Check-it . . .

The Republican proposal for a flat tax — a single tax rate applied to every taxpayer regardless of income — would be Robin Hood in reverse, cutting taxes for the rich while increasing taxes on middle- and lower-income taxpayers. The Kansas Department of Revenue estimates the proposal — H.B. 2061 — would cost the state more than $1.5 billion in lost revenue once implemented. That is nearly double the cost of Sam Brownback’s disastrous “tax experiment” that tanked our economy, left our schools underfunded and prevented the state from funding essential programs.

It’s not hard to remember: Just a few years ago, many programs that helped Kansans with basic needs were cut, our students were forced into four-day weeks while our schools faced record teacher shortages, and our state delayed and even tried to skip Kansas Public Employees Retirement System payments for our retirees.

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Kansas flat tax idea is the second coming of Sam Brownback's disastrous experiment | Opinion

With the start of the new legislative session, both sides of the aisle have announced their plans to cut taxes for Kansans, but Gov. Laura Kelly's "Axing Your Taxes" plan makes the most sense for our state's economy. As an economist and an adviser to the governor's Tax Reform Council, I believe prudent tax policy should be both effective and fair.