Kansas City Star Denounces Racism In Kansas & Missouri State Houses

From our vantage . . .

The newspaper talked with some of the smartest and most capable leaders in the Midwest and rather than celebrating accomplishments, acknowledging hard fought progress over history . . .They turned their story into a tragic tale of victimization.

Here's their angle . . .

It’s been more than a century since the first Black lawmakers were elected in Kansas and Missouri, yet Black members still make up an overwhelming minority of policymakers in Topeka and Jefferson City.

The Star spoke to 16 Black lawmakers in both states from both parties and with experience ranging from one month to 30 years about their realities as elected officials in the overwhelmingly white state capitols.

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'Blackness under attack.' Kansas and Missouri Black lawmakers face racism in statehouses

Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau's political career has been filled with firsts that often go unnoticed. The Wichita Democrat was the first Black woman elected to the state Senate. She was the first Black person to serve as minority whip in the chamber. And the first Black person to become assistant minority leader.