Kansas City Star Champions Critical Race Theory To Start Black History Month

Once again the newspaper reveals that it's stuck in the 1960s as public education culture war occupies far too much headspace whilst the rest of the world struggles to keep up with technology and a rapidly evolving global economy.

Here's dead-tree media still living in the past . . .

"That’s why it’s so dispiriting that multiple pieces of legislation have been introduced in both Missouri’s and Kansas’ statehouses in recent years to limit how teachers can talk about our real, fraught past. Kansas may have been a fiercely proud free state, but schoolkids need to know about the wrangling that allowed Missouri to become the northernmost slave-owning state in the Union. "

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As Black History Month starts, can't we resolve to be honest about Missouri's past? | Opinion

Our nation heads into this Black History Month with nerves raw yet again. Last Friday, footage of the savage fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers shocked our conscience, and brought back painful memories of 1991 in Los Angeles.