Kansas City Southside Alternative To Political Dictatorship Of John Sharp???

Don't get us wrong . . . We think the former council dude is great . . . He has been "almost retired" for at least 15 years and we hope he has another 30 years of near retirement and meddling in just about everything related to SKC.

In the meantime . . . 

Check the council dude's newspaper hyping this upstart project after our pal Geoff was given the cold shoulder by just about everyone in the Jackson County courthouse . . . Here's a whiff of behind the scenes power moves for upcoming low turnout elections . . .

The reason for the South Kansas City Democrats, a new group started by Laura Loyacono and Geoff Gerling, both Democratic Ward 22 committee members.

They say it’s time to fight back against a Republican party that thinks south Kansas City is in play. Democrats still hold the elective offices and they won in November, but there were signs that Republicans no longer see the area as a lost cause.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Worried about Republican influence, south KC Democrats form a club

South Kansas City has long been solid ground for Democrats, but some in the party say the traditional outcome should no longer be taken for granted. Republicans, they say, are ramping up election efforts to make inroads into Democratic strongholds across Jackson County, including Kansas City south of 75 th Street to the Cass County line.