Kansas City Royals Honcho Sherman Shares Transit Demands For Downtown Stadium

Notice that the billionaire doesn't seem too concerned about a public vote or the political cost of repurposing tax breaks . . . His project already seems to be a foregone conclusion as local Democracy is easily defeated by a baseball club that lost more than 90 games last season. 

Here's a telling passage liberated from a hack development blogger/cheerleader . . .

In an interview in Arizona earlier this week with Sports Radio 810 WHB and other reporters, Sherman said comments received by the team at the three community “listening sessions” its held included concerns over transportation.

“We’re getting this feedback about parking and congestion and all those things,” he said.

“Parking, I think, is an easier problem than people consider. There’s a lot of parking spaces downtown and there will be more public transit options.

“As for egress and ingress: more freeway ramps, widening things, some infrastructure costs, and that’s going to be important to us. 

Developing . . .