Kansas City Rally For Ukraine Coming Soon

Given that the extent of my understanding of foreign policy only reaches to the nearest corner of Brookside Avenue, there are a great many questions about impending nuclear World War III that TKC will not even try to answer. 

However . . . 

We'll only note that, even from our limited vantage, there doesn't seem to be as much American unanimity on the topic of the war in Ukraine as our political leaders would like to imagine. 

Turns out the issue is much more complex than a social media badge . . . And so we notice . . .


Still and in fairness . . .

We can't deny the facts and a great deal of ongoing support for this cause . . . Check-it . . .

"Stand with Ukraine KC is planning two big events this weekend to mark the one-year anniversary of the war."

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Rally, fundraiser marking one year since Russia's invasion of Ukraine to be held in Kansas City

Friday marks once year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and while the battle rages on in Ukraine, there's a push in the United States to keep it at the forefront of people's thoughts.Ukrainian-born Volodymyr Polishchuk says people in his nation are still hurting.

Further reading on the topic . . .

Ukraine war: Biden to frame conflict as battle for democracy

Ahead of his address, US President Joe Biden will meet Poland's leader, Andrzej Duda, and other central European allies to discuss bilateral cooperation and to strengthen Nato against aggression.

Russia demands US stop military support for Ukraine; Trump says Biden policy could fuel WWIII: Live updates

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned the American ambassador in Moscow and demanded withdrawal of all U.S.-NATO military equipment from Ukraine and an end to "hostile, anti-Russian activity," the ministry said in a statement.

Joe Biden's Simple But Hard 'Ukrainian Question'

In its time, the "Polish question" tore Europe apart. When the Poles started an uprising against Russia in 1830, after partitions had erased their country from the European map a generation before, Tsar Nicholas I laid out the choice: "Poland or Russia must now perish." Free Poland and authoritarian Russia couldn't coexist.

A year of war: how Russian forces have been pushed back in Ukraine

A new Guardian analysis of Institute for the Study of War data shows that, after once having seized as much as 51,000 sq miles (132,000 sq km) of Ukrainian land, Russia has since lost a fifth of this. It now controls 40,000 sq miles of Ukrainian land, entirely in the south and east.

How Poland and Ukraine Could Undermine Putin's Imperial Dreams

Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine has caused unimaginable suffering for millions of people and overturned Europe's security architecture. With little end to the fighting in sight and Ukraine's armed forces poised to go on the offensive with more arms coming from the West, there is a silver lining to the conflict.

The West still doesn't know what winning looks like in Ukraine

More than anything else, the Munich Security Conference was founded to foster dialogue between adversaries. Yet, this year's three-day gabfest was focused on exchanges between allies and friends rather than foes, and in formal sessions, there were earnest colloquies about Russia's war on Ukraine and what next steps should be taken to help Kyiv.

Anti-war protester harasses Biden as he eats before flying to Ukraine

President Biden and his wife were dining at a Washington D.C. restaurant when a left-wing activist from the group Code Pink harassed him about the Ukraine war 'We need to end this war in Ukraine. We need to push through negotiations!'

You decide . . .