Kansas City Politricks: Hype, Culture War & Making New Friends

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From mostly the left and a bit of the right . . . We share this glimpse of adults doing not-profit work that mostly consists of advocacy disguised as reporting.

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Publishing High Flying Propaganda 

New KCI terminal launches careers in construction for women, minorities

The three-week training program was crafted to address issues of equity and an aging workforce by introducing workers with little or no construction experience to careers in the industry.

Fostering Crisis Cont'd

The foster care system is overburdened. Missouri leaders should invest in prevention * Missouri Independent

Missouri is confronting a nightmarish crisis in child welfare. According to Missouri Children's Division, there are over 13,300 children currently in foster care. The Missouri Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline Unit received over 54,000 reported incidents involving over 77,000 children throughout 2021.

Tragic History Redux In JoCo

Antisemitic messages in Kansas high schools reflect how Jewish people are treated nationwide - Kansas Reflector

The instance at Blue Valley High School created the most headlines because of how and reckless it was. School administrators for the Overland Park school found the press box for their athletic stadium damaged on the eve of the holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Show-Me Benefits Cut

Return to Missouri's pre-pandemic Medicaid rules means hundreds of thousands could lose coverage

The federal government barred states from kicking anyone off Medicaid during the coronavirus pandemic but, when those protections expire this spring, patients will need to renew their coverage. Advocates and health officials worry that eligible people could drop off the rolls.

Newspaper Fights History

Kansas Democrats' plans to remove racist property restrictions isn't enough | Opinion

On the surface, two new bills in the Kansas Legislature that would remove racist language in old deed restrictions seem like a good move with no downsides. After all, turning our attention to the inequities of our past can serve as a reminder of how laws have changed and how society has seemingly evolved.

American Welcome Wears Thin

Poll: Americans sour on immigration

(The Center Square) - Newly released polling data shows that as the number of people living in or entering the country illegally continues to soar, Americans' feelings on the issue are changing. Gallup released new polling data showing that Americans' satisfaction with the current immigration level has declined to 28%, a 6-point drop.

Rock Chalk Ethics Slap Fight

Kansas ethics director unleashes fury over 'shameless' attempt to stifle investigation - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - House Republicans launched a "brazen" plan Thursday to stifle an investigation into alleged illegal campaign activities by rewriting numerous ethics rules and weakening the authority of the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. Massive changes included in House Bill 2391 would allow limitless campaign contributions and coordination between candidates for public office and political action committees, which no longer would need to register.

Justice Delayed & Then Donated

Missouri wrongly convicted them. They shouldn't need to beg with a GoFundMe to get by | Opinion

Lamar Johnson, and Kevin Strickland before him, are the first two beneficiaries so far of a measure Missouri lawmakers approved two years ago giving local prosecutors an avenue to correct a grave injustice.

Outrage Over Pro-Life Advocacy

Inside one of the anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers that might get millions from Kansas

ARKANSAS CITY, Kansas - If you think you might pregnant, and you don't have the money to buy a pregnancy test, Family Life Services will give you one for free. But first, you'll have to answer a few questions.

Show-Me GOP Life Lessons

Missouri Senate conservatives stray from party on sweeping education bill * Missouri Independent

The Missouri Senate passed a sweeping education bill to the House on Tuesday that would create transparency requirements for school districts and ban them from teaching some diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum. The bill also seeks to add a patriotism course for teachers, open transportation funding to intradistrict transfer programs and increase funding for districts with impoverished and homeless students.

Debating School Choice

Kansas education advocates see vouchers and hostility as attempts to undermine public schools - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Between voucher programs and new parental rights legislation, education officials say public schools are having a rough time. During a recording of the Kansas Reflector podcast, Marcus Baltzell, director of communications for the Kansas National Education Association, and Leah Fliter, Kansas Association of School Boards assistant executive director of advocacy, discussed the state of K-12 education, along with recent legislation that would take away funding from public schools.

Cleanup Disaster Price Tag Exposed

Ice, muck and a $480 million price tag: the Keystone oil spill cleanup carries on in Kansas

In the two months since the Keystone pipeline erupted in Washington County, Mill Creek has gone from being coated in floating oil nearly a foot deep, to a layer less than one inch. About four miles of the creek remain shut off from the normal flow of water as part of the ongoing, round-the-clock cleanup.

Fight To Keep Legal Lottery

Kansas cities push back against House bill nullifying local anti-discrimination ordinances - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Wichita City Council member Brandon Johnson said the Kansas Legislature had no business undermining cities and counties working to amplify laws aimed at reducing discrimination based on race, disability, gender and national origin in housing, employment or public accommodations. Johnson added his voice to a chorus opposed to one section of a House bill introduced by Rep.

Cowtown Football Party Forever . . . 

Kansas City set to host 2023 NFL Draft

From April 27 to April 29, Kansas City will host the 2023 National Football League Draft, an extravaganza that organizers predict will draw more visitors than any single event in the city's history.

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