Kansas City Politricks: Cleaning Up So Many Garbage Takes

For #TBT we share tribute to hottie Jordan along with a quick recap of so many political power moves with a bit of local concern . . .

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South Kansas City pastor supporting proposed landfill project, amid community debate

A South Kansas City pastor is supporting a proposed landfill project that has galvanized hundreds of community members, city leaders, and state lawmakers against the potential development. Pastor Darron Lamonte Edwards of United Believers Community Church said the landfill project proposed just south of MO 150-Highway is a solution to Kansas City's trash problem, saying his church has remained a target of illegal dumping.

Show-Me Diverse Worker Rights

Black lawmakers ask Missouri House committee to ban discrimination based on natural hair

Democratic Reps. Raychel Proudie of Ferguson, Ashley Bland Manlove of Kansas City and LakeySha Bosley of St. Louis present legislation that would bar hair discrimination to a Missouri House committee Tuesday (Annelise Hanshaw/Missouri Independent). A Missouri House committee heard testimony Tuesday on three bills that would ban discrimination based on hair texture in some settings.

Rock Chalk Docs Hard To Find

Despite a federal rule, it's still hard to comparison shop hospital care in Kansas

Two years after federal rules first required hospitals to tell you what they're charging for different services, one report suggests only 15% of Kansas hospitals hit the mark. The consumer group Patient Rights Advocate's February report found three of the 20 hospital systems that it reviews in the state - the organization focused on the largest hospital systems - fully comply with the federal price transparency rule.

Show-Me MAGA Advice

Former presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway urges Missouri legislators to enact school choice

As Missouri appears poised to spend an unprecedented amount of money on K-12 education, it must spend it wisely - meaning school choice and an "education renaissance" in the state, says Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to President Trump.

Testing Confuses Kansas

Kansas education commissioner claims 'proficient' is a made-up term

(The Sentinel) - Kansas education commissioner Randy Watson last week told the State Board of Education that "proficient is a made-up term that the federal government makes us define." Watson and others at the Department of Education know better, but this is just the latest example of state officials deceiving people about low student achievement in Kansas.

Tax On Stat Skillz Coming Soon

Lawmakers in Missouri optimistic some form of gambling will be passed in 2023

Missouri lawmakers say passing a sports betting bill is a top priority in 2023. Both the Missouri Senate and House committees are discussing bills. The move would come a year after the State of Kansas legalized gambling, leaving bars on the Missouri side hopeful the Show Me State follows soon.

Kansas Works To Save Planet

'There's still hope': Kansas House advances bills to help save Ogallala Aquifer - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - House members celebrated a "historic" effort to address the state's looming water crisis by advancing a pair of bills that would earmark funding for water-related projects and hold Groundwater Management Districts accountable for conservation efforts.

More Pay For Critical Services

Missouri lawmakers approve 8.7% raise for state workers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri state workers are in line to get an 8.7% pay raise under a bill approved Wednesday by state lawmakers. The Republican-led Senate sent a bill authorizing the pay hike to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who asked for the cost-of-living adjustment during his January State of the State address .He's expected to sign the raise into law.

Double Down On Lady Part Legislation

Missouri Republicans propose constitutional amendment to strengthen abortion ban * Missouri Independent

Anti-abortion senators proposed several ways on Wednesday to limit state funding for reproductive health care and enshrine anti-abortion language in the state constitution. SJR 8 proposes a constitutional amendment, which would require a statewide vote, that would prevent the Missouri government from funding abortion providers or their affiliates.

System FAILS NextGen

Kansas City 4-year-old's death exposes cracks in Missouri foster care system

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Vibrant learning posters for toddlers taped on the walls, a stained backpack, and a pink-tasseled bike parked outside the building are the only indicators that a child ever lived in an apartment on St. John Avenue. Or in this case, two children - twins.

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