Kansas City Playlist: Will Chiefs Win Last Super Bowl Before WWIII?!?

Tonight we share a moment of doubt with our most loyal readers.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost the first Super Bowl and we hope their fortunes fare better tomorrow.

Because, if Einstein's predictions were correct, this might be THE LAST SUPER BOWL.

Consider . . . 

The "big game" has always been a magnificent distraction against far more serious matters. 

For instance . . . 

Once again humanity finds itself on the brink of nuclear annihilation with even less confidence in world leaders. 

Meanwhile . . .

We share a sneaking suspicion . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs started the Super Bowl tradition, their 2020 victory begin the era of COVID across the globe and tomorrow's contest might be the last hurrah before an apocalyptic nuclear war end game. 

Sadly, this isn't just blogger speculation . . . Much smarter people warn about the renewed nuke threat. 

Here are more than a few examples from mostly mainstream sources . . .

Is the Biden administration late to WWIII?

On Jan. 7, 1943, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his State of the Union address to the 78th Congress. The world around him and the country he led were at war and his speech overtly reflected the existential challenges facing the Western democracies under assault from German and Japanese tyranny.

World War III is "already underway," Russian journalist claims

A prominent Russian journalist said that "World War III is already underway" during a recent televised discussion about Russia's conflict in Ukraine. Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of the Russian state-controlled media organization RT, made the comment during an interview on the program Life and Fate, which airs on Russia state TV.

Map of US claims to show areas most at risk of being targeted in nuclear war

A map claiming to show the areas of the US that may be targeted in a nuclear war that originally circulated in 2015 is making the rounds again, amid the Russian war in Ukraine. The map indicates that areas such as Montana and North Dakota may be vital to strike US forces.

As U.S. and allies arm Ukraine, Russia warns that losing a conventional war "can trigger a nuclear war"

As the United States prepares to announce a new shipment of military hardware for Ukraine and Kyiv pushes its Western partners for modern battle tanks and other heavy weapons, Moscow responded Thursday with a familiar battery of threats. Once again, Russia alluded to its nuclear arsenal in a bid to dissuade the U.S.

Why Hasn't Putin Used Nuclear Weapons?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has loudly and repeatedly warned that he could use nuclear weapons in his war on Ukraine. But Putin has now suffered three major strategic defeats, losing the battles for Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson. And Ukrainian forces continue to attack his military in the provinces he illegally annexed, and have even launched long-range attacks deep within Russia proper.

WWIII is the only way to stop Putin, warns Russia's former richest man

Russia's once richest man says the West will inevitably have to face down Russia The 'Open Russia' democracy advocate was jailed in 2003 and pardoned in 2013 A leading Putin foe has warned the West that NATO will inevitably be dragged into war with Russia.

China Surpasses U.S. in Nuclear Missile Launchers; U.S. Unprepared to Deter Growing Threat

As China engages in a rapid nuclear buildup as part of its strategy to achieve global dominance, the Pentagon announced yesterday that the communist nation has surpassed the U.S. in the number of intercontinental ballistic missile launchers it has.

We've never been closer to nuclear catastrophe

The following interview took place on January 25, 2023, one day after the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced the hands of the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds before midnight - in large part because of developments in Ukraine.

Like it or not . . .

The underlying sentiment seems to be that nuclear war NOW might be the only chance for the U.S. to "win" inevitable conflict with super powers. 

Nevertheless . . .

We hope for the best but recognize grim reality in the dark of night before tomorrow's good times.

And all of this inspires our TKC playlist . . . 

As a youngster, this video scared us but now, despite some campy considerations . . . We're surprised at how well this lesser known 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' clip has held up.

A heavy metal classic referencing the Doomsday clock . . .

Synth pop from the early 2000s has a light-hearted approach to the nuke flash point.

So many of our favorite anti-nuke songs come from the 80s and this German pop classic is the gold standard . . .

Finally, let's not forget the greatest wartime song in the world that was featured in a prophetic anti-nuke cinematic masterpiece and now serves as a fitting end note no matter what happens the day after the Super Bowl.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.