Kansas City Newsman Jim Fitzpatrick Passes Away At 77

A reporting legend in Kansas City recently met his final deadline.

Social media memorials and a few e-mails sent our way seem to confirm the Jim Fitzpatrick died this week. 

A few fun facts about this journalist who often "advised" TKC behind the scenes . . .

JimmyCSays was a pretty decent blog and "Fitz" used his Internets platform to offer a great deal of journalistic insight and analysis of how politics in Kansas City really works.

Fitzpatrick was an avid donor to more than a few local politicos and he spent his retirement helping pet causes and a few of his favorite candidates advance. 

That photo up top is our favorite of Mr. Fitzpatrick during an anti-tax watch party . . . We caught him mid-argument when he gabbing with reporters and encouraging his colleagues to be more aggressive with their political opponents. 

His forte was in-depth reporting at the municipal level . . . For the most part that niche no longer exists and popular politicos typically dismiss most criticism by way of social media blocking or merely ignoring their constituents. 

Local TV news is really the last place that can take politicos to account.

We debated JimmyC a few times but he was always exceptionally patient with this blog after we explained that we cared more about the work of Hunter Thompson than the AP Style manual. And our endeavors have more in common with the courageous work done by British tabloids.

Fitz has many, many friends throughout the metro and we look forward to their consideration of his legacy. 

For now we merely note the death of a local legend and acknowledge that his work served to make Kansas City a better place.