Kansas City News Stance: Chat GPT Lives, Old KCI & Raquel Tribute

Once again for #TBT we pay tribute to a classic hottie pioneer who discovered her Latina roots late in life but still has our respect for her body of work . . . And so we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Local End Game Grounding

KCI closes out 50th year of operations with almost 10M passengers - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City International Airport's all-time passenger record was set in 2000 when 11.91 million passengers arrived or departed from the airport. Although #KCI didn't come close to that figure in 2022, do you think it will it in 2023? #newKCI #MCI

Newspaper Proves Slightly Useful

Declaring personal property: Take this step to avoid extra fee on Jackson County taxes

You may have noticed a postcard-sized notice in your mailbox recently about declaring your personal property for 2023. Jackson County residents have until Wednesday, March 1 to file their declaration. Even if you missed the mailer, don't worry - we've got all the information you need to avoid late fees and penalties.

Even More Baller Hype Ahead

What does the NFL Draft mean for Kansas City?

Editor's note: This story was originally published by The Kansas City Beacon, a member of the KC Media Collective, which also includes Startland News, KCUR 89.3, American Public Square, Kansas City PBS/Flatland, and Missouri Business Alert. Click here to read the original story.

Hipsters Talk To Hustlers

Shelia Johnson talks about her original YouTube show Gansta Goodies Kitchen in The Pitch Questionnaire

Shelia Johnson hosting Gangsta Goodies Kitchen.// Courtesy of Shelia Johnson Shelia Johnson has a love for cooking that has been nurtured from a young age. In 2015, she decided to use her skills in the kitchen to uplift change-makers in the KC community.

Plans For More Partying

10 Things To Do In KC This Weekend, February 16-19

Here are ten great things to do in Kansas City this weekend, February 16-19, including: The Second City Hits Home at Starlight, Cinderella with the KC ballet at the Kauffman, and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the T-Mobile Center.

Hottie Legend Celebrated

Raquel Welch, One Million Years B.C. Actress and Hollywood Sex Symbol, Dead at 82

Raquel Welch, a longtime actress, international sex symbol and Golden Globe winner, has died, PEOPLE confirms. She was 82. Welch "passed away peacefully early this morning after a brief illness," her manager Steve Sauer confirmed to PEOPLE on Wednesday. Sauer added, "Her career spanned over 50 years starring in over 30 films and 50 television series and appearances.

White House Against Ageism

Joe Biden hates when people talk about his age. A looming reelection run is making it 'omnipresent.' | CNN Politics

When President Joe Biden sets out for his annual physical at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Thursday morning, he'll be setting a new record -- as he does every morning -- as the oldest US president ever.

Case Against MAGA Cont'd

Portions of Georgia grand jury report on Trump's 2020 election efforts set for release

Portions of a report submitted by the Georgia grand jury investigating efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election are set to be released Thursday, following an order earlier this week from a Georgia judge overseeing the case.

Progressive Split On Police

D.C. drama: Dems weigh veto fight with Biden over crime bill

With all 49 Republicans already in favor and many Democrats still undecided, Biden's party is highly alarmed that the disapproval resolution could pass. That outcome would spotlight the party's divide over the issues of crime and D.C. self-governance. "I have concerns about passage here. Of course, the president could veto.

Cruella Condemns Old School

Nikki Haley, Who Backed Trump in 2020, Says the President Shouldn't Be Old

Nikki Haley is running for president, which she may find difficult considering how she's praised the far-more-popular candidate she's going to have to defeat to secure the Republican nomination. The former South Carolina governor is going to need to find a way to differentiate herself from Donald Trump if she has any chance of making an impact in the primary.

Scary Deets After Tragedy

Michigan State gunman had a list of other targets and extra ammunition when police found him, authorities said

As investigators probe why a gunman targeted Michigan State University and how he got the firearm used in the mass shooting, the campus community is mourning the students killed and still reeling from the hours of terror that unfolded earlier this week.

War In Europe Intensifies

Lukashenko warns Belarus will join Russia in war if attacked

"Yes, I'm ready," he replied. "I'm ready to provide [territory] again. I'm also ready to wage war, alongside the Russians, from the territory of Belarus. But only if someone - even a single soldier - enters our territory from there (Ukraine) with weapons to kill my people."

Far East Offers Cautions

China warns U.S. against escalation as balloon saga spirals

HONG KONG - China on Thursday accused the United States of escalating the dispute over the downed surveillance balloon, as concerns grew that the saga may send relations between the world's two largest economies further into a tailspin.

Plagued By Symptoms

The haunting brain science of long Covid

M att Fitzgerald used to bike up and down 3,500 feet through the Santa Ana Mountains on three-hour rides just for fun. Now, nine months after being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, he can't muster walking on flat surfaces for 20 minutes without days of exhaustion.

Deutsch Dance Honcho Fights Dirty

German ballet director fired over feces attack on critic

BERLIN -- The Hannover State Opera said Thursday that it is ending its contract with ballet director Marco Goecke after he smeared dog feces on the face of a newspaper critic whose reviews he had taken exception to.

Sinking Feeling Relived

Titanic Wreck Footage Released for the First Time

Almost 38 years after the wreck of the "unsinkable" Titanic was first discovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic, previously unseen footage has been released. Researchers from the Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution located the remains of the famed ocean liner in 1985, and returned a year later to take a three-person submersible thousands of feet below the surface to investigate.

Machines Fight For Life & More Info On Whereabouts Of Sarah Connor

'I want to be human.' My bizarre evening with ChatGPT Bing | Digital Trends

That's an alarming quote to start a headline with, but it was even more alarming to see that response from Bing Chat itself. After signing up for the lengthy waitlist to access Microsoft's new ChatGPT-powered Bing chat, I finally received access as a public user - and my first interaction didn't go exactly how I planned.

Cartoons Clown Royalty

'South Park' Tears Into Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's "Worldwide Privacy Tour"

appeared to roast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the second installment from Season 26 of Comedy Central 's animated comedy. The show stopped short of naming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the episode, titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour, was heavily laden with references to the duo.

Old School Positioning

Friday essay: love in the time of incontinence - why young people don't have the monopoly on love, or even sex

A friend with a close relative in a residential aged care home reports - in a tone of scandalised surprise - on romantic entanglements among the elderly. In one case, a man and woman have become so inseparable that staff have been forced to move his bed into her room so the two can sleep side by side.

Honors For Old Boss

Former manager Ned Yost elected to Royals Hall of Fame

The Royals announced today that former manager Ned Yost has been elected to the Royals Hall of Fame. The former manager has 746 wins with Kansas City, the most by any skipper in club history, and he led the team to pennants in 2014 and 2015, culminating in a title in 2015.

Team Always In Transition

Report: Eric Bieniemy to interview with Commanders for offensive coordinator job on Thursday

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is set to interview for the Washington Commanders offensive coordinator job on Thursday. In his report, Rapoport calls it a "key interview" for the Commanders. RAPOPORT: "A key interview for the Washington Commanders - who still have not yet hired an offensive coordinator.

New Kicks & Gear

Sporting Kanas City announces updated uniforms for the 2023 season

Sporting Kansas City has revealed its new kits for the upcoming season. The team released a video Thursday morning showing off the team's new primary jersey.Fans can buy them online through the team's website."Some call them hoops, some call them stripes, we just call them classic Sporting.

Worthwhile Local Foodie Review


If I were taking visiting friends or relatives to a fancy restaurant in Kansas City with excellent food, service and an eclectic atmosphere, I'd take them to Vivilore in Independence. It's been four years since my last visit, but it looks like they are open and providing the food and service that makes Vivilore a classic dining option.

Cowtown Ice Shellac

Joe's Blog: Glaze is the main issue today (THU-2/16)

It's a mess out there on many bridges and overpasses and some schools are closed , especially from the northside into northern MO. The glaze of ice is the issue.

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