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EPIC Local Eat Out Takes Flight

New KCI includes over 50 restaurants and businesses, most of which are based in Kansas City

Travelers will have plenty of food and shopping options at the new Kansas City International Airport. One of the biggest complaints for those who came through the old Kansas City International Airport was the lack of food options. That will not be a problem starting on Feb. 28.

Lights Out Across The Bridge

North Kansas City impacted by 'major' power outage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A power outage in North Kansas City, Missouri, is impacting 1,749 customers. The outage spans from NE 33rd Terrace to E 15th Avenue, from north to south, and from the Missouri River to N Tracy Avenue, from east to west.

Local Hand Up Offered

Nonprofit bringing health care to Kansas City's homeless gets big boost

Roughly 1,800 people in the Kansas City Metro area are experiencing homelessness right now, according to the Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness. While there are organizations to help them find food, jobs, and a house, only one organization brings them medical care.

College Scare Postscript

Social Media threat causes William Jewell College to close campus

LIBERTY, Mo. - William Jewell College closed its campus Tuesday morning as police investigate what it calls a 'credible threat.' Liberty Police said a student notified campus security after seeing a threating post by a former Jewell student on social media. The college's president notified students and faculty about the situation through an email Monday evening.

Campy Gifts For Fans Of FAIL

Fans who buy tickets to Royals opener may receive special Bobby Witt Jr. bobblehead

Shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. is too young to remember a time when the Royals previously wore powder-blue uniforms, but he'll be sporting the look on opening day. Ditto for a special Bobby Witt Jr. bobblehead.

Lindsey Pays Cost For Beauty

Instagram star Lindsey Pelas' size 30HH breasts are causing her pain

Lindsey Pelas, 26, says her natural 30HH breasts are causing severe back pain The pin-up says her boobs weigh 11 pounds and make exercising very difficult The Instagram star revealed stretching and massages can help to ease the pain Louisianna-born beauty Lindsey says people judge her because she's 'busty' Her fans have advised her to consider a breast reduction to ease her pain She has a cleavage that most women can only dream of, but an Instagram model has claimed her 30HH breasts are more of a curse than a blessing.

Prez Biden's Civil Rights Record Questioned By Critics

Biden flamed for 'lying' that he attended Black church, fought segregation during youth: 'All debunked lies'

Twitter users accused President Joe Biden of lying about his time visiting Black churches and being an activist in the desegregation movement in his younger years.

SCOTUS Doubts Loan Scheme

Supreme Court appears skeptical of Biden's student debt relief plan

President Joe Biden's plan to forgive student loan debt for tens of millions of Americans seems to be in danger based on oral arguments at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. A majority of justices appeared dubious about the Biden administration's pandemic-related legal justification for the sweeping debt relief program, which offered up to $20,000 of loan forgiveness per borrower.

MAGA Manic Over Betrayal

Trump Melts Down Over Murdoch Admitting Fox Lied About Election Fraud

The fallout between former President Donald Trump and Fox News continued on Tuesday following the release of a deposition from Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch. The deposition stems from a defamation suit brought against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems, which alleges the network knowingly misled the public about claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

Mickey Mouse Politics Part Deux

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis cements control of Disney World's special district

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday to end a special tax district encompassing Walt Disney World, dealing another blow to the company's ability to operate with autonomy. "The corporate kingdom finally comes to an end," DeSantis said during a news conference Monday near Orlando.

Giveaway Without Rules

San Francisco Reparations Committee Chairman Admits No 'Math Formula' behind $5 Million Payout Plan

The San Francisco committee which came up with a reparations figure of $5 million for each black resident did not use a mathematical formula to determine that number, according to the committee chairman. Critics have pushed back against the hefty recommendation, claiming it isn't serious and distracts from other, more reasonable recommendations the committee made.

Politics Ruins Lunch

Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she was 'attacked' in a restaurant

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., claimed she was "attacked" in a restaurant Monday night. In a tweet, Greene said she was "attacked" by an "insane woman and screamed at by her adult son. They had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining or people like me who simply have different political views."

What About Trusting The Science?!?

Five takeaways from the big COVID-19 'lab leak' story

The tangled story of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a new twist. On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Department of Energy had shifted its position, now holding that the most likely source of the virus was a laboratory mishap, presumably in Wuhan, China - the so-called "lab leak theory."...

Far East Flexes On Tesla

China’s CCP warns Elon Musk against sharing Wuhan lab leak report

Chinese state-run media warned Tesla CEO Elon Musk that he was risking his relationship with China after he retweeted about the U.S. government’s “low-confidence” assessment that the Covid pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

European Fight Crosses Russian Border

Russia says military drone attempted to strike gas facility near Moscow

A military drone attempted to strike a gas facility in the Moscow region, according to a senior Russian official, and photos of the wreckage suggested it was Ukrainian-made, indicating a rare attempted strike hundreds of miles behind Russian lines.

From Funnyman To World Leader

The strengths and weaknesses of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

In the weeks leading up to Russia's invasion, senior Ukraine opposition politicians and former ministers were brimming with frustration. They'd been imploring President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to meet with them - something he'd not done since his landslide election nearly two years before.

Breathe Easier

Hong Kong's government says it will lift its COVID mask mandate on Wednesday

HONG KONG - Hong Kong will lift its mask mandate Wednesday, ending the city's last major restriction imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The city's Chief Executive John Lee said the requirement will end outdoors and indoors, including public transit, but some high-risk premises including hospitals and elderly homes can still require people to wear masks.

Tech Scroll Debuts

Lenovo's Rollable Screen Concept is Almost Like Magic

Motorola has already impressed us with its rollable phone concept at MWC in Barcelona, but parent company Lenovo is getting in on the flexible display game too with an awesome-looking concept laptop with a screen that somehow grows larger at the touch of a button. Having seen it in person, it's almost like magic.

Sharing & Caring Debated

My husband wants to form a throuple with my BEST FRIEND

In this week's agony aunt column, Jane Green shares some wisdom with a woman whose husband is eager for her best friend to join their marriage She also reaches out to a 54-year-old left mortified by menopausal symptoms Do you have a question for Jane?

Baller Banners Debut

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Champions flags on sale

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chiefs fans can have a permanent reminder that the team won Super Bowl LVII earlier this month. Fans spotted Super Bowl LVII Champions flags around Kansas City. Now members of Chiefs Kingdom can grab one for their own homes or businesses.

Check Local Good Time Calendar

The best events in KC for March 2023

Check out the best events in KC happening for March in 2023.

Everything Is Swine At New KCI

Local eatery Pigwich expands at new Kansas City International Airport

Waiting for your flight at KCI has never been this tasty. You'll no longer have to travel to the River Market to eat at Pigwich. "It's going to be kind of surreal that to see it at the airport," said Matthew Kafka, the managing partner of Pigwich.

Local Tasty Tradition Explained

Keep it Kosher: The Not-So-Secret Secret World of M & M Bakery and Delicatessen

Photo by Robert Miner A lot of restaurant owners like to talk about family. Their kitchen staff: family. Their customers: family. Their community: family. It's become so common as to feel cliché. But when you hear Pat Williams of M & M Bakery and Delicatessen talk about family, there's nothing trite about it.

Spring Sneak Peek

FORECAST: Mid-60s Tuesday afternoon

It's going to be a beautiful Tuesday on tap. Morning temps in the 30s & 40s, but that quickly warms up into the mid-60s by the afternoon. Meteorologist Greg Bennett has your full StormTrack5 Daily Forecast.

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