Kansas City News Bundle: Parties, Politics & Celebrities Amid Fear Of Nuclear Winter

Right now we remember hottie Rhian and her influential Brit legacy and body of work that endures to this day and inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Planning Next KC Booze Fest

13 Popular St. Patrick's Day Bars in Kansas City

It's St. Patrick's Day Season in Kansas City! Here is your guide to the most popular irish pubs to celebrate in KC!

Gadgetry Improves Sketchy Airport

New technology preserves speed, convenience KC air travelers have come to expect

Next week, KCI becomes one of few airports boasting leading-edge technology that transforms the final moments of plane movements on the ground with dazzling software technology that would make a gamer drool. That's not the only marvel awaiting travelers when the new $1.5B terminal throws open its doors.

Legendary Local Culture Of Vice Well-Remembered

Con Chapman breaks down his new book Kansas City Jazz: A Little Evil Will Do You Good

Con Chapman is a prolific author and a lawyer who has written two novels, 25 plays, and over 40 books of humor. Most impressive, perhaps, though, is his extensive research and writing on the history and culture of jazz music.

Baller Coach Reign Cont'd

Sporting KC signs manager Peter Vermes to 5-year extension

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) - Sporting Kansas City signed Peter Vermes to a five-year contract extension Wednesday that will keep its longtime manager with the Major League Soccer club through the 2028 season. Vermes, the fourth-winningest coach in MLS history, will begin his 15th season with the club when it faces the Portland Timbers on Saturday.

Macabre Super Bowl Journey Complete

Chiefs receiver returns parade skeleton to Kansas City business

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A wayward skeleton made his way home after the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade. During the parade, a skeleton from graphic design business REACTOR Design Studio was on display in front of the building, and Chiefs receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette politely borrowed it.

Fashion Diva Shares Sneak Peek

Rhian Sugden strips down to hot pink lingerie for racy bedroom selfie

Rhian Sugden sent temperatures soaring as she slipped into sexy pink lingerie for a sizzling bedroom snap. Taking to Instagram, the glamour model, 36, showcased her ample cleavage in a plunging lace print bra as she seductively posed for a selfie.

Progressives Feel Betrayed By White House Over Border Move

Fury over Biden's new asylum policy grows after he thanks Poland for welcoming Ukrainian refugees | CNN Politics

On Tuesday afternoon, the Homeland Security and Justice Departments announced the administration's most restrictive policy yet aimed at curbing the number of migrants seeking to apply for asylum at the US-Mexico border.

Just Like Old Times:MAGA Campaign Welcomed & Admonished

'A political stunt': Trump's Ohio visit revives questions about his own safety legacy

Other Trump critics were more blunt in dismissing the motives behind his visit. "It's clear that it's a political stunt," said former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican and former member of Congress who led DOT during President Barack Obama's first term. "If he wants to visit, he's a citizen.

Right-Wing Berates Mayo Pete

Buttigieg's Message To Ohio: 'I'm Taking Some Personal Time'

'Right now I'm taking some personal time and I'm walking down the street,' Buttigieg said when asked about his message to struggling Ohioans.

European Fight Against Vlad Depends On U.S. Weapons

'It's hard, but they're holding on': On the ground in Ukraine, the war depends on U.S. weapons

ON A UKRAINIAN POSITION ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF BAKHMUT - The Ukrainian military commander pointed to a small, cellar-door-like opening tucked into the snow-covered hillside and said, "If I say to you 'run,' you run into the forest and hide in there." "In there" was a shelter in the event of a Russian attack, a normal occurrence here.

Holy Land Hot Mess Persists

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza after rocket attacks as violence escalates | CNN

Israel launched airstrikes targeting alleged weapons manufacturing and storage sites in Gaza on Thursday, following a rocket attack from the coastal enclave, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said. In a statement, the IDF said "fighter jets struck a weapons manufacturing site" in central Gaza owned by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that runs Gaza.

Axis Strengthens

Ukraine war: China's claim to neutrality fades with Moscow visit

Vladimir Putin loves a really long table. Images of his meetings are famous, with the Russian leader at one end and the person he is speaking to so far away that you wonder if it is hard for them to hear one other.

Rocketman Ruled Dangerous

Exclusive: North Korea a 'clear and present danger,' says South Korean Foreign Minister | CNN

North Korea is a "clear and present danger," the foreign minister of South Korea has told CNN in an exclusive interview. Kim Jong Un's frequent missile tests and repeated warnings that he would consider using tactical nuclear weapons were a display of aggression and the only way to counter this was through extended US deterrence, Foreign Minister Park Jin said on Wednesday.

Survivor Pupper Celebrated

Dog mutilated by Mexican drug cartel could become America's favorite pet

Pay de Limón (Lemon Pie) was found in 2011 in a dump in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, the town with the highest perception of insecurity in Mexico. Members of Los Zetas, one of the most violent cartels in the country, had preyed on the dog, who was barely a year old at the time.

Tweet Peek Under Hood

Elon Musk to reveal inner workings of Twitter recommendation algorithm

Elon Musk has been talking about it for months; now it might finally happen. The owner of Twitter plans to make the platform's recommendation algorithm open source as soon as next week, the entrepreneur wrote on Tuesday.

Beloved Kansas City Actor Ruined Iconic TV Finale

Paul Rudd Recalled Feeling Awkward On The "Friends" Set When The Cast Were Left In Tears After Filming The Finale

It might not feel like it, but it's almost been two decades since the last episode of Friends aired. The hit NBC sitcom ran for 10 seasons before coming to an end in 2004 with an emotional two-part finale that closed several long-running storylines.

Creeper Singer Could Be Lifer

R. Kelly faces life in jail

A federal judge will sentence R. Kelly for his Chicago convictions of child pornography and enticement of minors for sex on Thursday, when the 56-year-old singer will learn if he must spend the rest of his life behind bars or if he will have some hope of getting out. (Feb.

Retro Lifestyle Exposed

We're swingers - there were 'bodies everywhere' at our 50-person sex party

A SWINGER lifestyle influencer has revealed what it's really like at high-end sex parties, including what happens at "magic hour." The TikTok star and her husband have even thrown their own 50-person event - and she tells The U.S. Sun that she felt like she was in the Wolf of Wall Street when the party was in full swing.

Northeast Loves Morning Jolt

One year anniversary celebration at Core Coffee

Core Coffee, located at 546 Olive in Pendleton Heights, will be celebrating its one year anniversary on Saturday March 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Enjoy live music, free birthday cake, hourly specials and food samples from some of Historic Northeast's most iconic food vendors like Peter May's House of Kielbasa and more.

Chilly Thursday Forecast Now

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