Kansas City, MO State Sen. Greg Razer Earns Love Letter From Politico

Whilst this local leader HASN'T PASSED ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION during his years in office, he is the darling of our smallish KCMO political clique.

Even better . . . Recently, her earned the star treatment and a very nice glamor shot from the biggest political blog in the nation.

Take a peek . . .

Razer, a Democrat representing a Kansas City-area district, does not view all of these bills with equal concern. But as a once-suicidal teen struggling with his sexuality growing up in southern Missouri’s cotton country, Razer, 44, feels a kinship with transgender youth who feel targeted in the state. In an interview with POLITICO Magazine, he said kids who visit his office wonder, “Why are these adults doing this to us?” He says he tells them about LGBTQ history, how people in the community have historically been banned from jobs, marriage, and the military, and how, as a white gay man, he feels he’s won these battles. “They can’t attack me anymore,” he says, “so now they’re coming after kids.”

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'They Can't Attack Me. Now They're Coming After Kids'

Greg Razer is the only openly gay member of the Missouri State Senate - the upper chamber of a legislature that, according to the ACLU, by late January led the nation in bills the organization calls anti-LGBTQ.