Kansas City LGBTQ Commish Demands Quicker Action Against Conversion Therapy

A demand to end a controversial practice seems to have stalled . . . This week here's a glimpse at the hope to put the controversial issue back on the legislative track. 

Interestingly . . . Legislator Manny Abarca offers some explanation of the process here . . . 

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse at the statement along with the note sent to the courthouse . . .

Kansas City LGBTQ Commission demands the Jackson County, Missouri Government ban conversion therapy

Since our initial request, the county has gone 36 days without outlawing this harm.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (February 13th, 2023) – The City of Kansas City’s LGBTQ Commission sent a letter urging the Jackson County Government to ban conversion therapy in Jackson County, Missouri on Monday, January 9th, 2023. After 36 days of the legislature failing to vote on the measure, we’re now demanding the Jackson County, Missouri Government ban conversion therapy for the safety of our community.

County ordinance 5711 currently has 5 legislators agreeing to co-sponsor and that’s a simple majority out of the 9 member Jackson County Legislature. As this legislation continues to be held and stalled, we have been pushed by our community to demand the passage of this ordinance so that no more harm comes to our community. This is an urgent matter that must be taken seriously by our county officials in Jackson County.

Quote from the letter: “There are people in our community, in our county, and in our state who are a part of these numbers. These are not numbers, but these are members of our community who may go through, are currently going through, and/or have been through this abuse and harm. There will be more pain brought onto our community the longer we wait. We demand that you act so that we can finally see this outlawed in our community once and for all.”

Full memorandum will be attached to the initial email for your reference.

FYI: The Kansas City LGBTQ Commission is a commission that was created December 17th of 2020 by the Kansas City Council. The thirteen member commission has six in-district commissioners from the six city council districts and seven speciality commissioners in the areas of housing, health, public safety, education, etc. etc. This is the city and states first and only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer Commission.


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