Kansas City Ladies Demand Legislation Against Unwanted D*ck Pix

Digital dating life sadness . . . A great many people now expect nudes of their "love" interests which is just one of many ways that dating life is getting worse people are walking away from the hot mess as world population suffers a curious decline.

Meanwhile . . . Here's yet another reminder that there's not shortage of jerks stalking social media:

Indecent exposure laws make it a crime in most states to purposefully display one’s genitals in public.

But when it comes to indecent exposure online, only two states, Texas and California, have established cyberflashing laws, unveiling major setbacks in the legislative effort to hold indecent exposure accountable on the internet.

Raymond Dake, civil litigation attorney at Siro Smith Dickson PC law firm in Kansas City, said cyberflashing isn't a new phenomenon. It's been going on for years.

But now it's prevalent on dating apps, social media, text messages, and even public transportation with the feature AirDrop.

Caveat and reminder that the real world is sometimes more liberating than the walled gardens of tech titans: 

 KSN: Why it’s legal to walk around naked in Kansas

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Kansas City experts say state, federal 'cyberflashing' laws lag behind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cyberflashing: It's happening just about everywhere, including in the Kansas City area. "It's been on social media. It's Facebook, it's Instagram," Kansas City resident Jhane Davis said. She's one of millions of women who received an unwanted and unsolicited nude picture from someone.