Kansas City Hates Proposed Landfill & Trashy 12th & Oak Tactics

Something to consider and a perspective that started on this blog now is gaining traction . . .


Let's not forget that for the latter half of this year City Hall denied the project and called neighbors conspiracy theorists when they complained about the effort . . . 12th & Oak also refused to listen when cities like Raymore passed their own anti-dump resolutions calling out KCMO.

Nevertheless . . .

We advise that a great deal of this sentiment is easy to share BEFORE ELECTIONS but might not earn the same response after our betters earn a place in office.

The bright side . . . Missouri GOP legislators seem to be lending a sympathetic ear and there have been a great many strong statements against the trashy idea.

For now a long ago movement against a similar plan captures our interest . . .

Four decades removed from that landfill dispute, a new group of Cass and Jackson County residents, city leaders, state, and federal lawmakers, are organizing opposition against a landfill developer’s highly anticipated application for a new dumpsite permit to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources . . . ‘You've got to have facts,” says realtor Linda Benson who organized citizens committee against landfill

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Realtor remembers winning fight against Cass County landfill in 1980s

Realtor Linda Benson remembers winning the fight against a landfill proposal in Cass County more than 40 years ago. That battle went to court where residents against the landfill in Cass County ultimately won.

A nice surprise . . . Even the Kansas City Star opposes the plan . .

Don't let a new landfill turn south Kansas City neighborhoods into a dump | Opinion

A landfill on Kansas City's southern border would be ruinous to the rural area and nearby communities. Kansas City Council and Missouri lawmakers should use all means possible to block it. Developers have not yet submitted a formal proposal to build a landfill on nearly 1,000 acres south of Longview Lake, but rumors have circulated since the fall.

Developing . . .