Kansas City Guide To Buying LEGAL MARIJUANA: Bring Cash And Lots Of It

The prices are HUGE but the chance of getting ROBBED is low compared to other narcotics.

Here's a peek at the process . . .

"So now what? What does that mean for you as a grown-up who has spent the last several decades “adulting” without thinking about trying to purchase an illegal substance that could get you arrested?  What does it mean for those novice adults who have never tried cannabis because it was illegal? It means that you can think about it now without feeling guilty.

"What does this mean for those adults who stopped using cannabis after college? It means you can walk into any dispensary and purchase weed again, just like you did in college.

"Well, maybe different from what you did in college. In fact, it’s nothing like what you used to do."

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The basics of buying recreational cannabis now that Missouri's floodgates are open

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Missouri and is available to consumers beginning February 6. // Photo by Adobe Stock I remember, during college, a conversation with my weed dealer who adamantly predicted that one day we would live in a world where you can buy weed legally from a store.