Kansas City Fact Check: Many Homeless People Work Full Time Jobs

The data proves that the housing crisis is getting worse and MSM doesn't like talking about this kind of thing because it provides insight to VERY REAL & RISING AMERICAN SCARCITY.

Still . . . The opening line in this report is brilliant and deserves to be highlighted & shared . . .

"If you see a homeless person sleeping in public during the day, assume nothing."

Something to consider . . . 

"Nationally nearly 40% of unhoused individuals living on the street work full- or part-time jobs, and a significant number of those choose to work night jobs."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Shelter resources are limited for unhoused who work nights

There are many reasons why the unhoused might prefer night work – among them a higher rate of pay and a lower risk of falling into bad habits for those in addiction recovery. Working during the night and sleeping during the day pose unique challenges that Kansas City is not well equipped to meet, homeless advocates say.