Kansas City Council Dude Bunch Helps Build Skyscraper In River Market?!?

Right now there are zoning proposals that have caused a great deal of "concern" for denizens of the River Market area.

To be fair . . . 

As with most developments . . . Nothing is written in stone but right now we wanted to share some of the deets that are circulating. 

Check-it . . .

- There's a plan for river market high-rise that will add additional "density" the area.

- The development irks residents & nearby biz because it's aiming to remove one of the last remaining public park lots. 

- More on this later but for now . . . The hot mess in the making seemingly has the blessing of the In-District council dude Eric Bunch. Of course, and in fairness, we'll have to see how he votes given the penchant for flip-flopping. 

- Perspective . . . Destruction of surface parking lots has been a priority for Council Dude Bunch and so many of his colleagues as they continue their crusade against personal automobile ownership for the working-class. 

Again . . . The project remains in the planning stages but already seems to be garnering opposition behind the scenes.   

Developing . . .