Kansas City Constant Refrain: How Can We Save Westport?!?

We haven't tried anything news in the past 30 years and we're all out of ideas.

Here's the newspaper covering the ongoing sitch that our blog community talked in great detail yesterday . . .

The shooting is one of several violent incidents that’s made headlines in Westport, including a mass shooting last summer and several physical fights which have drawn social media attention in the past year.

Now, safety fears have business owners and public officials voicing concern over the district’s safety plan, including Mayor Quinton Lucas, who has called for better lighting, staggered bar closings, and security in parking lots, among other solutions.

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Could Westport be safer? Some see problem areas, blind spots in security plan

Early Friday, Kansas City police responded to a fatal shooting in the Westport entertainment district. Alawna Collier, 20, was found suffering multiple gunshot wounds in a parking lot near the 500 block of Westport Road. She was pronounced dead at the scene.