Kansas City Chiefs Continue To Dodge Criticism Of The Chop

Again . . . The writing is on the wall . . . Eventually the team will change their name but right now there is little demand amongst local leaders to take on one of the most popular institutions in Kansas City amid their prime and in the midst of Super Bowl competition.

Check-it . . .

The Chiefs have also made tweaks to their game-day policies over the last five years, some of it a result of feedback by a local group of Native American leaders they assembled to consult on the issue.

“You are going to have opinions on all sides on what we should and shouldn’t do,” Chiefs president Mark Donovan told the Associated Press. “We’re going to continue to have those discussions. We’re going to continue to make changes going forward, and hopefully changes that do what we hope, which is respect and honor Native American heritage while celebrating the fan experience.”

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If the Kansas City Chiefs can do the chop, why did Washington have to rename its NFL team?

PHOENIX, Ariz. - As the Kansas City Chiefs secured another Super Bowl berth, a raucous home crowd of 76,000-plus saluted the team by performing their version of the "tomahawk chop," which was broadcast to a national audience. In that moment, fans of the Washington Commanders might have been thinking: "How is that still OK, but not the 'Redskins' name?"