Kansas City Bus Transit Undefeated In Moving Crowd Whilst Streetcar Stuck

The toy train is a nice gimmick . . . But far more people utilized much more flexible bus transit to quickly, efficiently and safely navigate through tense traffic conditions. 

Again . . . This case study should be examined when we talk about transit moving forward and pushed forward in rigged elections by a small cadre of activists.

Check the science . .  .

“The Royals parade we learned our lesson and last time the shuttle was as smooth as could be, so we are back here with our four kiddos and family members ready to go support our champs,” said Micah, who took a shuttle bus from the zoo.

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Thousands of Chiefs fans utilize shuttle buses across the Kansas City metro

Thousands of Chiefs fans decided their best option to attend Wednesday's victory celebration was to take a shuttle bus.About 90 to 100 school buses provided by First Student took fans to and the celebration from Swope Park near the Kansas City Zoo and then returned to that location."The Royals parade

Parade of fans at Chiefs Super Bowl rally react to wait times for shuttles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After the Parade of Champions came the parade of fans trying to get home from the parade celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory. At the shuttle pick up location at E. 31st Street and Gillham Road, lines snaked around and around a large parking lot several times.