Kansas City Built On Problem Gambling

A passage from a bit of history reminds us that vice provides the foundation of this town's legacy.

Also . . . Things might not be so much different nowadays if you count crypto and day trading . . . And that fact that Americans will bet about 16 BILLION BUCKS today . . .

"In those days, some men made their living with a set of cards and chips. They operated under their own set of laws and retired from their transient lives on steamboats to set up shop in Kansas City. On Main Street, between 2nd Street and Missouri Avenue in a section of “Old Town,” gambling establishments quickly crowded these city blocks."

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When gambling houses ran Old Town Kansas City: The story of Bob Potee

By Diane Euston The Hannibal Bridge, spanning the Missouri River in 1869, brought more than just the railroad to Kansas City. It put the city on the map, and capitalists, businessmen and cattlemen flooded the area to set up businesses. The population of Kansas City exploded from just over 32,000 people in 1870 to nearly 56,000 ten years later.