Jackson Mahomes Sparks Anger Again After TikTok Super Bowl Victory Party Times

What angry fans point out . . .

He didn't really win anything . . . He just garnered some choice free tickets and a front row seat.

Call it jealousy or the adherence to the persistent myth of American meritocracy . . . Here's the word:

After being part of the Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade, which was attended by over half a million supporters, Mahomes' brother uploaded a video of himself on a mechanical bull.

At the same time he was also being straddled by a woman who was dressed in a thong.

It was a video of pure chaos, which in a way was fitting, however those on the internet have now mercilessly mocked Jackson Mahomes for his behavior

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The controversial video of Jackson Mahomes on a mechanical bull with a cowgirl in a thong

It has been an action-packed week for the Mahomes family, with Patrick lifting his second Super Bowl trophy and second MVP award, whilst his brother Jackson has been widely mocked for a video of him on a mechanical bull.

Jackson Mahomes Films Stupid TikTok Video During Super Bowl Parade

Jackson Mahomes stayed on-brand during the Super Bowl parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. The younger brother of Patrick Mahomes is addicted to attention, and has a unique ability to insert himself into situations he has absolutely nothing to do with. For example, he was filming idiotic TikTok videos after his brother and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

Jackson Mahomes continues Super Bowl celebration on mechanical bull

Jackson Mahomes has not stopped celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory over the Eagles on Sunday. This time, it was with two unexpected guests - a mechanical bull and a half-clothed woman. On Thursday night, the 22-year-old younger brother of two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes posted a TikTok video of him riding a mechanical bull with a woman dressed in cowboy boots and bottom-less jeans.

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