Jackson Mahomes Discloses Love Life Amid 'Disrespectful' Speculation

For the record . . . We're guessing that a lot of people didn't care about Jackson's preferences and they were just being mean because they're put off by a grown man dancing on TikTok . . . Which is their right as Americans and social media keyboard warriors.

However, in our tireless search for journalistic fairness, this quote from "Mahomes The Lesser" deserves attention and respect on Sunday . . .

"He stated clearly that he is attracted to women and is deeply hurt as this question keeps coming up despite clarifying it repeatedly. Moreover, he said that questions like “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” were disrespectful. People should respect how others choose to live their lives and not be judged for it."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link to the report carried by MSN . . .

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