Jackson County & Kansas City Could Be Cellmates After All

Update on a jailhouse collab and ongoing negotiations that don't really inspire anything but hard feelings from voters . .  .

"Rejecting a consultant’s recommendation that would save money and delays, Jackson County officials said Tuesday the county is open to sharing space and services at the site of the new detention center already being built on the city’s eastside."

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Jackson County and Kansas City could be near deal to share ground and services for their jails

Signaling a long-sought agreement, Jackson County officials said Tuesday that they would agree to share space and services at a new detention facility with Kansas City. The city and county had failed to agree on terms for a regional jail for months - mostly accusing each other of not returning calls and emails.

Jackson County Executive White And Sheriff Forté Issue Statement In Support Of Joint Detention Center Solution

February 14, 2023 Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. and Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forté have issued the following statement in support of a joint detention center solution with the City of Kansas City, Missouri: "We have recently been made aware that city staff will be recommending to Mayor Lucas and City Council the approval of an option that would provide an opportunity for a joint detention center.