It's Your American Duty To Buy Overpriced 'Official' Kansas City Chiefs Merch

Remember . . . A few places selling oversized XXXL sweatshirts for local fatties are really the only businesses propping up Kansas City area shopping malls and entertainment districts.

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Homeland Security Investigations leads those efforts since so much fake merchandise comes from overseas, specifically China.

So how can you avoid the rip-offs? The main pull of the counterfeit gear is the price point. So when you're looking at $250 jerseys online and you spot one on a weird website for $30, you have to remember the old adage: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Fake Chiefs merchandise has feds on high alert ahead of Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Could you spot fake merchandise? "Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't," Kansas City Chiefs fan John Jones said Wednesday. It might be time to ask yourself that question, especially as counterfeit Kansas City Chiefs gear floods pop-ups and online shops.