How Badly Is Kansas City Threatened By Toxic Train Derailment?!?

Quick answer . . . A LOT.

But here's what nobody else in the media is telling locals . . . Or the rest of the nation for that matter . . .

Toxic chemicals are only the 2nd worst thing aboard American rail lines. 

"Radioactive materials are produced and transported by railroad by the Department of Defense for use in submarines and in other national defense circumstances. Radioactive materials are also produced and used by private industry for medical and energy needs, among others." 

This isn't a big secret . . . Just something that most of us don't like to think about very often.

Consider this headline on the department of energy website posted just last year: 

New Railcar Designed to Escort Spent Nuclear Fuel Departs for Final Phase of Testing

And so . . . 

The disaster in East Palestine is tragic and horrible but it's small potatoes compared to any potential mishap with nuke material that's currently touring the nation by rail. 

And we got thinking about all of this amid constant hype about the real estate boom in the West Bottoms. Trains go back and forth throughout the day in that part of town and . . . As we've seen . . . Safety isn't always assured. 

Don't worry . . . Rail lines also trek through local suburbs and come very, very close to some of the nicer places in JoCo and The Northland. 

The bottom line . . . 


And yet . . . None of this is really much of a concern to our elected leaders who have dutifully repeated partisan talking points on this issue but seemingly have forgotten about the danger right in their backyard.

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How often do toxic derailments happen? Why are chemicals transported by train? Here's what to know

Weeks after a major train derailment and the controlled explosion of chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio, residents have been encouraged to return home. But many questions remain about how the train derailed and what the lingering chemical exposure could be in residents' air and water.Toxic train derailments don't happen very often, but they can have serious consequences for human and environmental health when they do.

'Like putting a puzzle together': CDC arrives in Ohio to investigate health risks from toxic train derailment

At a busy McDonald's drive-thru in East Palestine, Ohio, a team of epidemiologists, environmental health scientists and others stood outside Saturday handing out flyers. Each flyer has a survey with a QR code giving information on how to contact health officials.

Trump visits East Palestine train derailment site, calls response a 'betrayal'

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (AP) - Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday described the federal response to the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, as a "betrayal" as visited the village amid mounting frustration from residents and local leaders more than two weeks after the disaster.

'SNL' spoofs Trump's visit to East Palestine, says the water looks 'beautiful': 'It's wearing makeup'

NBC's " Saturday Night Live" mocked Donald Trump's visit to East Palestine, Ohio, following the recent train derailment and chemical spill. In a fake C-Span press conference in the Feb. 25 episode's cold open, Trump (played by James Austin Johnson) commented on the city's "beautiful" water and the bright side of the toxic waste.

Erin Brockovich urges East Palestine residents to document health conditions as some diagnosed with bronchitis

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich urged residents in East Palestine, Ohio to documents any health effects they are experiencing following the devastating train derailment that was carrying hazardous chemicals. Some residents this month say they have been diagnosed with bronchitis and other conditions that doctors and nurses suspect are linked to the chemical exposure.

Opinion | Republicans don't know what the Secretary of Transportation does

House Republicans want answers from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg regarding his department's response after a Norfolk Southern Railway train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this month. In a letter released Friday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer of Kentucky and other GOP members of the committee said that the Department of Transportation "needs to provide an explanation for its leadership's apathy in the face of this emergency."

Transport of East Palestine soil, water to other states prompts backlash

Officials in Texas and Michigan are raising concerns about the water and soil transported from the East Palestine train derailment into their jurisdictions. Why it matters: Their comments come as East Palestine residents report diagnoses of bronchitis and other conditions which they attribute to the crash.

GOP leaders, residents demand answers on toxic waste from Ohio train

Romulus - Republican leaders and residents are demanding answers on why hazardous materials were set to be transported from East Palestine, Ohio, to Michigan without public input or warning. About 50 people gathered at a Republic Services' site in Romulus Sunday afternoon, questioning plans to send substantial amounts of waste to privately-owned facilities in Van Buren Township and Romulus.

Safety regulators say Ohio toxic train derailment '100% preventable'

Joe Biden received a briefing on Friday on the multi-agency response to the derailment in Ohio of a freight train carrying toxic chemicals, as his administration came under criticism and safety regulators said the incident had been "100% preventable" - although the train crew were not at fault.

EPA overseeing waste removal operations from toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now overseeing the cleanup of toxic waste following the a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Truckloads of waste have already been transported to specialized disposal facilities in Michigan and Texas, officials said.

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