Here's Why Kansas City Conservatives Love Pete Mundo

A worthwhile conversation that shouldn't be overlooked when we talk about one of the most important journalists working in Kansas City today .  . .

"As the morning host each day on Talk Radio KCMO 710 and 103.7 FM, and the station's program directore, Pete has his finger on the pulse of Kansas City from the mayor's office to One Arrowhead Drive.  In this conversation, we get Pete's thoughts on the incredible Super Bowl win, the future of the Big 12 Conference and who he thinks will square off in the 2024 presidential election."

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KKHI Convo: KCMO's Pete Mundo Does it All | Kevin Kietzman Has Issues

In a way, Pete Mundo beat yours truly to the punch when it comes to Sports, Politics and Life. Pete spent several years in sports media and started his own websites and before he decided News and Politics was his wheelhouse.