Here's Why JoCo Water Tastes Funny

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"A spokesperson with Water One, the utility that provides drinking water for the largest county in Kansas, says that despite the different taste, the water remains safe to use and drink.The utility sources most of its water from the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, bringing in the water to nearby treatment plants.As the seasons change, the organic make-up of the water also changes. The process, calling "turning over," is when water previously lower in table rises to the top.It's that turning over that causes a different flavor when consumed by residents."

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Seasonal water changes lead to different water taste; Water One says water is OK

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents in Johnson County, Kansas, were caught off guard this week with a different taste in their tap water. KSHB 41 received a news tip Thursday from a parent of a student at an area school that had questions about the water.

Why Johnson County water may smell, taste differently

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Some people living in the metro may be in for a shock the next time they reach for the tap. WaterOne provides water for Johnson County . The company said it's getting reports that the tap water may smell or taste slightly different right now.

Johnson County water tasting different? Water One says it's a normal, seasonal shift

Has the water in Johnson County, Kansas tasted different to you recently?If so, you're not alone, and the water utility says your drinking water is still safe.

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