Here's How Missouri Democrats Might Waste MILLIONS OF DOLLARS In Donations

Quick answer . . . Horrible candidates. 

We've seen it happen all too often.

It's the really tough part of local politics . . . People work for years, give away their time for free and then they're rewarded with nothing, getting passed over or leading a losing campaign against a candidate with even more cash and a much better personality.

Of course, we share a more optimistic take .  . .

"Missouri Democrats are at a low point in statewide politics. But an influx of money for the U.S. Senate race could help their 2024 hopes."

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Could 'a gob of money' help Missouri Democrats actually win statewide elections again?

As he prepares to depart from his post as Missouri Democratic Party chairman later this month, Michael Butler is more optimistic about the status of his party than most observers. Despite being shut out of statewide offices for the first time in generations, Butler, who is also the St.