Genius: Kansas City Now Hiring More Homeless To Cleanup Homeless Camps

I'm not certain . . . But KCMO might have just devised a perpetual motion machine based on sorrow and the worsening American class divide. 

Check-it . . .

Hope Faith is expanding those opportunities with a new program, Clean Up KC, which is designed for those experiencing homelessness to have access to a part-time job without struggling to meet all of the criteria of a typical job. The program has proved that with access to a stable income and wraparound services provided by Hope Faith, the amount of time an individual experiences homelessness is significantly impacted.

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Hope Faith focuses on strengthening basic services for unhoused Kansas Citians

Abby HooverManaging Editor Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus at 705 Virginia Ave. in Paseo West has served more than 6,300 people at its overnight shelter since December 1 as part of the City's extreme weather plan, and has been happy to do so, Executive Director Doug Langner told the Northeast News.