Football Fanboi Hatred Of Jackson Mahomes Really Just Bullying?!?!

Yes . . . At some point even the super rich, young and famous need to be treated fairly . . . If only for the sake of worthwhile blog content. 


Hateration directed at Jackson Mahomes risks poisoning the soul of football fans and is likely just as unhealthy as everything else associated with today's gut fest.

Here's the word from one of the best articles we've read on the topic . . .

"To be fair to Mahomes, much of the ire directed at him appears to stem from old-school NFL fans’ discomfort with zoomer expressions of masculinity, with many mocking his dancing and his voice for its perceived effeminacy. (Jackson seems particularly sensitive to mockery of his voice, saying in one YouTube video that his “biggest insecurity” is his voice, and that when people on TikTok question his sexuality he finds it “really disrespectful” to his gay friends.) Some of the hate also seems to be pure speculation regarding his relationship with his brother, with many of his followers commenting on Patrick’s seemingly indifferent or chilly body language toward Jackson or even accusing him of bringing bad luck after a weak Chiefs’ performance on the field."

And all of that would be really bad IF the man we call "Mahomes the lesser" didn't continually keep coming back for more . . . Here's a sympathetic passage that offers a nice perspective . . .

"To some extent, Mahomes seems to be wounded by the hate he’s gotten on social media, lashing out in his Instagram Stories and claiming that the media is “destroying my life.” In the caption of one 2021 TikTok video, he says he is “way 2 sexy for hate comments,” and in another he posted a screengrab of his comments section with the caption “all of the hate that I receive really affects me. I honestly really struggle with it and am trying to stay strong, but it’s become too much.” Yet none of this seems to stop him from posting, although to be fair, his content is moderately more entertaining than the average Prudential Insurance Super Bowl commercial."

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You decide . . .