Fair Play: Kansas City Humanitarian Efforts Help People Of Ukraine

A nicer post about locals in this cowtown actually focusing on helping people across the globe.

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"A local group called Stand with Ukraine KC gathered at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. They were raising money at $30 per person for the social event, but they were also joining together with camaraderie. They honored those who have died in the conflict and shared pride in the unbreakable spirit of their little homeland giving the giant Russian army a lot more fight than many outsiders expected at the start."

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Kansas City provides Ukrainian assistance on one year anniversary of the war

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friday marked one-year since Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the fight for freedom isn't just happening on the war's front lines. In Lenexa, the fight continues in the form of medical aid. Heart to Heart International, a nonprofit, is sending out a large shipment of medicine and medical supplies to Ukraine next week.

Group gathers in KC to mark Ukraine's 365 days of resistance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - It's been exactly a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Tonight, a group called Stand with Ukraine KC gathered at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. KCTV5′s Betsy Webster talked to organizers about their message. Watch the full story above.

Ukrainian efforts continue around KC one year after the war started

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Friday night marked one year since Russia started invading Ukraine after weeks of building troops up along the border. KU Professor Vitaly Chernetsky is from Ukraine and his father still lives in Odessa, which was one of the Russian army's targets in the early days of the fighting.

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