Experts Claim 'Secret Service' Model Might Calm Violent Chaos At Wyandotte High School

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KMBC deserves a great deal of credit of taking on local education officials and offering evidence that parents & teachers might want to steer clear of this troubled institution . . . Check-it . . .

One way to improve school safety is to follow the U.S. Secret Service model.

That model calls for a threat assessment from a team which should include law enforcement and mental health experts.

"I'm not saying the solution is easy, none of the stuff I talk about is easy, but we have guides out there,” A SCHOOL SAFETY EXPERT SAID.

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Safety expert says families at Wyandotte High School need to demand change

A school safety expert says it's time parents at Wyandotte High School demand changes to make the school safe."What I've seen is unacceptable and we have a school that's out of control," said Larry Altman.Altman is currently a professor at Avila University.