Even Kansas City Star Thinks Truman Road Bike Lanes Sucked

An evening news flash on one of the most disastrous episodes in Kansas City amateur urban planning history.

Here's the newspaper relenting amid small biz outcry . . .

"Under a city ordinance, public engagement is required for any public project. On the Truman Road bike lanes project, outreach was minimal, Robinson and others contend. That omission cannot happen again. Kansas City cannot afford to ignore its own public participation policy."

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Truman Road bike lanes will stay in place for now. Kansas City, listen to the people | Opinion

The people spoke. Kansas City leaders listened. That's how democracy works. For now, bike lanes on Truman Road will remain in place. But city leaders must take a hard, long look at why they failed to follow their own policies before laying down 3 1/2 miles of protected multiuse lanes along the street.

Kansas City, Missouri, city leaders find compromise in removal of Truman Road bike lanes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, city leaders and community members discussed a compromise to the controversial bike lanes along Truman Road in Kansas City, Missouri Wednesday. Members of the Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee discussed the possibility of removing the bike lanes on the north side of Truman Road and implementing the implementation of other street recommendations, such as a cycle track.

Proposal from Kansas City councilwoman seeks compromise on Truman Road bike lanes

After weeks of complaints and controversy over bike lanes on Truman Road, city leaders are one step closer to compromise. Kansas City councilwoman Melissa Robinson is proposing to take out the bike lanes - but only on one side of the street. The section of bike lanes goes for over three miles east of Truman and Charlotte.

Developing . . .