Enjoy Kansas City Last Picture Show

It was a bit slow and depressing for my tastes but The Last Picture Show was a classic movie depicting the depressive torture of rural American life on young people.  

Highlight . . . The flick featured the debut of 21-year-old Cybil Shepard who captivated with nearly every line and gave what would be the best performance of her career so far . . . As much as thought Moonlighting was hilarious but none of my other 4th grade colleagues understood the jokes.

However . . . 

NOTHING at local theater is as interesting as any of this given that the tyrannically reliable profit margins of super hero movies pretty much killed American cinema. 

And so . . . Here's promo for people who still want to pretend that movie theaters have a future . . .

"Movies are made for the big screen. Whether you favor a blockbuster hit or an indie flick, living room seating or the drive-in experience, there's a movie theater in Kansas City suited to your style. "

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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