Debate Over Kansas City Police Funding Persists Amid Election Season

Take everything in this article with a grain of salt . . . There's a lot wiggle room when we're talking about money for the cops.

And we notice more than a bit of bias when they throw in lines about police shootings BUT THEN DON'T MENTION that one of the martyrs they're mourning had just beaten his lady friend and was in the middle of a 90mph police chase right before his deadly altercation with po-po. 

Either way . . . 

A big chunk of the budget going to police isn't such a horrible thing given that they're obviously not using it to fill potholes, pick up trash or answer the phones down at 311 HQ.

Of course, here's their side of the story . . .

"Kansas City officials unveiled the budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year on Thursday. The city will spend even more on police than the 25% of its general fund required after Missouri voters passed Amendment 4 in November."

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Despite funding dispute, Kansas City police get more money in proposed budget

The Kansas City Police Department is slated to receive by far the largest slice of Kansas City's $2 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year - $280 million. The KCPD's budget comes from the city's general fund, which amounts to about $610 million for the upcoming fiscal year.