Counting Kansas City Council Campaign Cash

There are 33 people running for a place on Kansas City council in 2023 and at the outset of election season most denizens of this cowtown don't know much about them. 

Accordingly . . .


Sorry to break it to the noobs . . . But money is the lifeblood of politics and offers a good indication about the strength of any candidate or campaign.

Here's how our list works . . .

More than anything the work of this post is to put names with faces. Our list looks from left to right and then top/down. We found links to candidate campaign websites, Twitter profiles or a relevant news article for readers who want to do more research.

About the numbers . . .

We checked every council candidate listing filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Our pet peeve . . . Candidates who are too lazy to file even a "limited activity" report. Note that the lack of reporting incurs a measly 10 buck find capped at 3K up until election time. The deadline for the last reporting period was in January and we feel like candidates had more than enough time to document SOMETHING before we started keeping track. 

TKC reality check . . . Not reporting campaign finances isn't fair to those candidates who follow the rules and file disclosures. Moreover, one of the big reasons that these disclosures are required is so that voters can judge how a candidate runs their campaign.

There is more to report on the topic of campaign cash but the main number we wanted to share was MONEY ON HAND AT THE END OF THIS REPORTING PERIOD

We're now in the heart of campaign season until the April primary so these numbers give voters a glimpse at where candidates stand and what kind of support they've been able to muster so far. 

A few general things we've noticed . . .

- Overall donations are down. This council election just isn't as important to the people who typically donate, judging by the lower numbers we're seeing. At this point in many previous elections at least half a dozen of the at-large candidates often held war chests as high as 6 figures.

- A few crowded races are drawing the most cash.

- There's a shameful number of races that are basically uncontested. All things considered, there's not a lot that will inspire voters to rush out and vote in April.

With that noted . . . We welcome any comments and hope this info proves somewhat useful and possibly sparks more discussion . . . Check-it . . .

First District

Chris Gahagan: $58,621.26

Nathan Willett: $23,937.94

First District At-Large

Incumbent Councilman-at-Large Kevin O'Neill: $179,185.23

Ronda Smith: $6,680.96

Pam Mason: Limited Activity Reported

Second District

Wes Rogers is running unopposed: $40,705.27


Second District At-Large

Lindsay French: $8,744.49

Mickey Younghanz: $2,785.20

Jenay Manley: $25,676.95

Third District

Incumbent Third District Council Member Melissa Robinson: $20,393.94

Sheri Purpose Hall: No Report Filed For 2023


Third District At-Large

Incumbent Councilman Brandon Ellington: $18,076.16

Melissa Patterson Hazley: $54,452.23

Fourth District

Incumbent Councilman Eric Bunch: $34,541.08

Crissy Dastrup: No 2023 Report Filed

Henry Rizzo: $35,225.46


Fourth District At-Large

Crispin Rea: $82,398.12

Justin Short: $51,681.47

Jess Blubaugh: $46,487.46

John DiCapo: Limited Activity Reported 

Grace Cabrera: $479.02


Fifth District

Incumbent Fifth District Councilmember Ryana Parks-Shaw is running unopposed: No Report Filed For 2023


Fifth District At-Large

Darrell Curls: No report filed for 2023. $1,955.75 reported in October of 2022.

Theresa Cass Galvin: $22,110.16

Michael Kelley: $22,942.30


Sixth District

Dan Tarwater III: $37,298.59

Johnathan Duncan: $13,996.80

Cecilia Carter: No report filed for 2023. $3,183.12 reported in October 2022

Michael Schuckman: $309.59

Tiffany Moore: Limited Activity Reported


Sixth District At-Large

Incumbent Sixth District-at-Large Council Member Andrea Bough: $74,936.65

Jill Sasse: $612.12

Mary Nestel: Limited Activity Reported

Again . . .

We plan to have more KCMO campaign finance reporting but for now we hope this info helps locals understand how the process works . . . Or doesn't.

Developing . . .