Council Lady Robinson Laments That Racist Kansas City Street Signs Remain

For better and worse . . . KCMO DOESN'T KEEP ANY OF ITS PROMISES . . . Fighting street signs is just one broken pledge out of many . . . Here's the word . . .

Three years ago, a spokesperson for the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department told KSHB 41 that it would work to change hundreds of its street signs.

That plan, according to KCMO councilwoman Melissa Robinson, won’t move forward.

“That it’s not a priority — that’s the message I got from parks and recreation,” Robinson said. “But just to flat out say we are not doing it, it’s not a priority — is unacceptable in 2023.”

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Councilwoman wants KCMO Parks & Rec Department to remove monuments, rename streets with racist ties

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Black history month celebrates the attributions of African Americans. Black leaders say there is still work to be done in Kansas City, work that stems from unfinished business in recent years. For years, Kansas City has fought to rename its streets. To do so, hasn't been easy.