Mayoral Contender Clay Chastain Shuns Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Hype

It's not a popular viewpoint and possibly might chase away EVEN more voters from his effort.

However . . .

Like it or not . . .

He's the only opposition on the ballot against Mayor Q. And here's his latest statement . . .

Clay Chastain Press release: Though we are all happy the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl, the City (itself) is not going to any kind of Super Bowl!

The exciting Chiefs football team is, once again, going to the Super Bowl. But what about the City itself, where is it going? The City would never get to a (mythical) Super Bowl for Cities with its long losing record of...record-setting homicides, poor transit, continuing exodus of people leaving the Central City (160,000 since 1960!!), rough roads, high taxes, high debt, poor schools, billions in deferred maintenance and a parade of non-transparent, undemocratic and overlording governments! Sadly, our current Head coach (like the failed Head coaches before him) has No Vision nor Plan to get our City to the Winner's Circle. Nevertheless, Mayor Lucas will be certain to try and take a political win from the Chiefs' success.  But there is no win to ride, while our City is drowning in homicides!

Lucas, and the ineffective Mayors before him, have been busy trying to take KC to the Glitz Bowl while ignoring KC's declining quality of life, and the dreadful fact KC has surged to become America's 5th rated City for homicides!!

Candidate Clay Chastain offers the City a New Way forward: "Creating City Beautiful":

(1) Path to Safety Initiative (If we are not safe, we are not free. If we are not free, we have no community. If we have no community, we are going nowhere.) See attachment
(2) Path to Revival Initiative (If we don't reconfigure Kansas City into the environment upcoming generations want to live in...walkable, bikeable and transit-oriented... we are going nowhere). See attachment

So remember Chiefs fans pay attention to this upcoming Mayoral election too, because a winning football team does not a winning City, make.

Mayoral Candidate, Clay Chastain


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