Clay Chastain Debuts Monorail Plan In Long Shot Campaign For Mayor

A note from an old friend of this blog and his plans for the unlikely event that he wins an upcoming Kansas City election . . .

Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Press release: Chastain unveils Centerpiece of New Modern Transportation System: Kansas City's... *MONORAIL FLYER*.... designed to revive our Community, tie it together and Change the Face & Fortunes of Kansas City

If we build it (*Alternative Greenway Transportation System*) they will not just come, they will come to stay. Kansas City's New Way to Go, represents the most consequential infrastructure-improving project in the City's history. Its Showpiece (KC's "Monorail Flyer" will make KCI the most accessible, environmentally-friendly and convenient Airport in America.

KC's Monorail Flyer will connect KCI Airport to: the Northland, Downtown, a Regional Union Station Hub, Midtown, the Plaza, the Eastside, the KC Zoo and South KC (see attached route map).


(1) Creates a booming economic resurgence by generating thousands of new jobs, driving citywide economic development and injecting into KC's economy $1.0 billion of Federal Infrastructure Funding.

(2) Popularizes transit (everyone will use this modern, convenient and smooth-riding form of transit) thus lowering pollution, urban noise, traffic congestion and transportation costs.
(3) Attracts to KC a surge of new residents, businesses and tourists while generating affordable housing & mixed-use development along the Monorail & Ultra Light Rail Greenway corridors.


(1) "KC's All-Electric Transportation System '' (Monorail, Ultra Light Rail, Streetcars & Electric Buses) converges @ new Union Station Regional Transportation Center to serve key destinations around the City & region.
(2) Beautiful Monorail & Ultra Light Rail Greenways (tree-lined, park-style with separated corridors for E-transit, cycling and pedestrian use) interconnect making the system comprehensive. (See route map).
(3) Elevated 'Monorail Flyer" travels up to 60mph; travel time from SKC to KCI is estimated @ 1.25 hours; train passenger capacity is 568; runs primarily in existing right-of-ways, wide boulevards and parkland.

Funding & Cost:

Requires no new tax increase. Rather, proposes extending the 3/8-cent bus sales tax (set to expire in 2024) for 25-years as KC's local match. (Note: ATA will still retain 1/2-cent sales tax). 60% of the construction cost is projected to come from the Federal Infrastructure Bill already approved by Congress. Construction costs for Kansas City's New Modern Transportation System = $2.3 billion. Time to construct 3-years (just in time for the 2026 World Cup)!!

Kansas City's Monorail Flyer will save Kansas City!


Developing . . .