Clay Chastain Claims 'Woke' Kansas City Star Conspires To Cancel His Mayoral Campaign

The latest update from our transit activist trend . . . He denies newspaper reporting and shares a more nuanced perspective on this voting rights.

For those who aren't following along . . . This is in response to a recent report on his press conference.

More importantly . . . We're starting to notice TKC reader requests asking to cut down the Clay coverage. Which is worth considering as well.

Here's the important part . . . And today's press release . . .

Woke Kansas City Star Newspaper already at work trying to CANCEL Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain.

A KCEB official explained to me (in the presence of Star reporter Mike Hendrix) that though I could not cast an "Early Ballot" (due to a new Missouri law), I Could Certainly Vote for myself in the upcoming KC Mayoral Primary election by merely casting (in person) a *Provisional Ballot* - which I will!!! So both those headlines are100 % False!! This is (yet) another low down lying effort from the (Woke) "Paper for the People" trying to distract the people from the real issues in this Mayoral campaign in order to promote Mayor Lucas and CANCEL Challenger Clay Chastain. Furthermore, let me be clear: The KCMO City Charter Does Not Say A Part Time Resident Can't Run for Mayor!!!  If the Progressive Star has a problem with that, then the Extreme-left Star can file a lawsuit or Shut Up About It!!!

Clay Chastain


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