Chastain Arrested At City Hall In Attempt To Demand Kansas City Mayoral Debate

Right now we share follow-up to a show-down we talked about to start the day . . .

Here's how the episode went down according to the longtime local transit activist . . .

Chastain arrested at City Hall for trespassing when he was only there to protest the fact Lucas would not debate

"Security arrested me for trespassing, on orders from legal dept., and refusing to leave the building . . . They said I was campaigning. It was a council day, people always come in with placards or signs campaigning for their cause.

Selective enforcement.

The police were nice to me and let me out on a signature bond. I told them I would be fully supporting them, if elected. No kneeling with BLM. No painting BLM slogans on public streets. And no chanting with protesters...."no peace". No suing the voter-approved initiative for increased funding, etc.

BTW, I had an open prayer with two black men outside the police station on Prospect. They called what they did to me...fing bull s...! I told them I was going to help the Eastside residents and the disadvantaged, if elected. I told them No more glitz and streetcars for white tourists, hipsters and developers. I told them I would establish a major job training program (Trades) on the Eastside. And, an improved transit system on the Eastside. Then we had our sincere group prayer holding hands. A highlight of my life.




Update . . . No word if this is life size . . . But, here's the signboard that security claimed Mr. Chastain could not bring into City Hall to confront the Mayor about his refusal to debate:

Developing . . .